Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tongan Spitfires
Spitfires were introduced in The Second World War against Germany in 1939.

They had to prepare fast, they figured out the fastest way to raise money during the war so they danced, had concerts and special market days. There was a lot of money raised but the Queen, Queen Salote wanted her people to raise more money.

Long time ago Spitfires were the best planes in Europe. If they raised five pounds the could buy a plane for their British allies. The queen donated 10 percent of her income and so did the officials and the government.On the first day of March in 1942 the British RAF (Royal Air Force) got a special delivery from the Tongan people, it was a new Spit Fire with Queen Salote’s name on it.

From that time more money was raised there was a second spit fire was presented in November 1943. The second was called Prince Tungi number 2 after Queen Salote’s husband.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

My Fantastic Comic Collage

Since last week Tuesday Mrs Grant has been teaching Room 9 how to create a Comic Collage for our cybersmart. We selected four photos of our class  to make a comic collage. We wrote ideas that matched our photo inside call outs.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Independence Games

The story I read was called The Independence Games. It is about people who are disable. In the games their events are swimming, running and cycling, the games in the story was held in Christchurch. Israel competed with 26 more people their team was called Cantastics. One of the other teams only had 2 people they were called Ben and Lucas.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

My Report On School!


My report was on school it is about  children going to school, when they get their Chromebook, homework and things that could happen if they're bad. Also I talked about the different subjects they would learn.

Our Great Karakia

For the past 5 weeks we have been learning a Karakia, Mrs Riley has been teaching the Junior and Senior syndicate how it goes. The karakia uses actions for the whole thing, we kept on practising until we got it right, we have been practising the karakia and a song. Mrs Riley came and taught our classroom Room 9 then the seniors and lastly the juniors. For the juniors it took some time but the seniors were quite easier I think. She would make us say it over and over again.


When we started school in 2017 after a few weeks Mrs Riley our teacher in room nine gave us our Skoolbo accounts. If you don't know what Skoolbo is it is a learning site to help increase your learning if you get a certificate it means you achieved something. Sometimes the school you attend will give you a big plastic skoolbo cup. When you click the contents button it will bring up lots of  activities you can play it brings up a Category it has Literacy, Numeracy and Language. Literacy is about words, spelling, colours, reading, the alphabet, verbs, adjectives and nouns.

Cybersmart Learning

In room 9 at  Ruapotaka  school we have Mrs Grant come in on Tuesdays and teach us about using specific words to comment on blogs.We learn different information about it every Tuesday with Mrs Grant. Also we did a top tip on something that is on your Chromebook so I chose to do the help center.